Flooring Merbau

Wood materials are one of the most sought materials in building constructions. In this busy, modern-day, natural materials bring soothing, relaxing effects that are suitable to release tension. Therefore, no wonder if wood materials become essential parts of decoration from time to time. Wood flooring is one of the decoration applications to beautify your spaces with natural ambiance. When it comes to wood flooring, there are several selections you may want to learn before choosing the right one. Merbau Wood: An Overviews Merbau commonly grows in tropical areas, specifically rain forests. Papua is one of the most noted producers of Merbau. The wood has straight fiber. It is known for its high level of durability. The colors of the woods vary based on the types. Terrace woods look brownish-gray, brownish-yellow, to reddish-brown. Meanwhile, the colors of the sapwood are light yellow. Solid and durable, Merbau is classified into class I-II. It is also noted to withstand against bugs. The woods decently grow in moist grounds, swamps, and riverbanks. Another value of Merbau wood is it has less risk of crevices and shrinkage. Therefore, those make Merbau becomes one of the most popular wood materials in building constructions such as decking and flooring. Merbau Flooring Merbau flooring is profoundly used among other wood flooring selections. The flooring is available in various sizes with adjusted thickness. Generally, producers sell Merbau in standard and jumbo sizes. The floorings measure 9 to 14 centimeters of width with averagely 1,5 to 2 centimeters of thickness. Along with teak wood, Merbau is proven to be the most termite-resistant. Moreover, it also withstands bad weather. Because of this resistance, Merbau floorings are suitable to be applied in both indoor and outdoor areas. Merbau flooring is not only customers’ favorites but also craftsmen. it is because the flooring is easy to cut, shaped, and easy to fix if broken. Why Merbau Flooring? Selections of fine-looking wood, flooring may confuse you. Additional details about Merbau flooring will help you to decide which flooring meet your requirements the most. High level of solidity and durability are not the only values you will find on Merbau flooring. Their natural looks are beautiful. The woods have a yellow substance that is similar to dust. The substance results in golden luster. You will also find the woods look oily. It makes the natural, attractive shine lasts long. This distinctive look makes the wood effortlessly beautiful and timeless. If you prefer a modern look, don’t worry. Merbau flooring can also be applied with various finishing such as paint and polish. It will still look good without losing its natural charm. To maintain the flooring, you just have to cover them with a pad if space happens to be heavily passed by people wearing shoes. If there is a pet around, scratches can be avoided by trimming the nails. If you think Merbau is the best option for your space decoration, go find it immediately from trusted sellers. Still, confused about where to go? Minimize the hassle by searching online for the products you need.