Place of Origin Canada
Type of species American Hardwood
Species Black Walnut
Brand Name American Walnut JAP
Type Solid Wood Boards
Timber Type Sawn timber Kiln Dry (KD)
Size Random width and length
Thickness 4/4 , 5/4 , 6/4 , 8/4 and more (inch)
Grade #1 common , #2 common
Color Creamy white to golden or light brown
Usage Flooring tiles, wooden doors , furniture, cabinetry, gunstocks, interior paneling, veneer.

Product Description
BLACK WALNUT – Juglans Nigra

Walnut is a popular premium timber. It is one of the most sought-after timber in across the world – native to the eastern regions of North America.  Walnut is a medium to large hardwood, there are two different components to walnut wood. The outer layer is called sapwood and the inner layer is called the heartwood. Walnut sapwood has a creamy white colour. The walnut heartwood colour ranges from a golden or light brown to dark chocolate brown colour, and sometimes with narrow streaks of a darker purplish-brown. Species of Walnut is Juglans Nigra, and have another name Black Walnut, Persian walnut, English walnut, Circassian Walnut.

Physical & Mechanical Properties :

Walnut is hard and tough wood with medium density, has medium bending and speed and low rigidity. This wood has a classification of good steamer bending. 

Workability :

Walnuts are easy to do with manual or machine tools and can be nailed, screwed and glued properly. This wood can hold paint and color very well and can be polished with extraordinary finish. If the wood is slowly dried it has the best performance, thereby reducing the chance of quality degradation.

Usage :

Walnut has extremely durability, ready workability, and moderately enough. It is an excellent material for cabinet making. Walnut can work well both in machine and hand tools. It is able to polish in high finish. Walnut is the best material for carving, turning, and steam bending. If conditions are carefully monitored, walnut is able to glue well. Walnut is really suited to high end cabinetwork, and is a timber of choice for gunstocks. Other applications include general furniture and joinery work.  It is prized by fine woodworkers for its durability used for high-end flooring, guitars, furniture, veneers, knobs and handles as well as gunstocks. The Native American Navajo tribe has been documented using the hulls of the nut to create a brown dye. Walnut common use to Flooring tiles, wooden doors , furniture, cabinetry, gunstocks, interior paneling, veneer, turned items, and other small wooden objects and novelties.