American White Oak

Place of Origin Eastern United States
Type of species American Hardwood
Species White Oak
Brand Name American White Oak JAP
Type Solid Wood Boards
Timber Type Sawn timber Kiln Dry (KD)
Size Random width and length
Thickness 4/4 , 5/4 , 6/4 , 8/4 and more (inch)
Grade 1comm, 2comm
Color Light to medium brown and more yellow in colour with the occasional pinkish hue
Usage Construction, furniture, wood floors, joints architectural, exterior connections, frames, doors, kitchen cabinets, panels, train pads, wooden bridges, boatbuilding, barrels, veneer, etc.

Product Description
WHITE OAK – Quercus Alba

Latin name: Quercus Alba.

Other names: Southern White Oak, Northern White Oak, White Oak, True White Oak, Swamp Chestnut Oak, Chestnut Oak (Q. prinus, Q. montana), Overcup Oak, Overcup Oak (Q. lyrata), Swamp Chestnut Oak (Q. michauxii).

American white oak is the most well-known variety of hardwood species from the Quercus family. American white Oak usually uses for flooring, woodcraft, and musical instrument.


One of the most wide-spread plantation in United States is white oak. It completes variety of ecosystem services, such as food sources, wildlife habitat, climate change, and watershed health. American white oak is imported from eastern and central North America. It is distributed from Quebec and Ontario to eastern Minnesota and Lowa, then extending eastward to the Atlantic, and Southward through Allegheny and Appalachian Mountains. American White oak has the largest volume of any hardwood species in the United States, and it’s concentrated in the central hardwoods region.

Physical condition

American oak is very similar in appearance and with European oak, in contrast, American oak has more light-colored sapwood – dark to brown heartwood. Both sapwood and heartwood are extremely resistant to decay. In general strength is similar with European oak as well. The higher density of American oak provider higher strength compared to European oak. American oak can be worked fairly readily, having a smooth finish.


Its main uses are in flooring, furniture, woodcraft, musical instruments, doors, architectural joinery and mand kitchen cabinets. It has also been used in construction, agricultural implements, in the interior finishing of houses, and shipbuilding. American oak uses from storing and processing food items to transport over long distances. Because of its impermeability, it usually uses as food or wine barrels. American oak’s utility is ultimately driven by its durability and sturdiness. Because of its impermeability, it is suitable for.