Bengkirai Decking For A Natural Aesthetics Decoration

Wood is one of the most sought materials in building constructions. Its natural characteristics and aesthetical appearance bring a certain ambiance in houses, offices, eateries, and many other landscapes. Wood decking is one option in applying wood materials to your decoration. Decking is a floor that covers stuff and is used mainly for outdoor areas such as parks and pools.

What Is Bengkirai?

Bengkirai is one type of wood commonly used for making decking materials. This wood comes from tropical forests around Indonesia’s Kalimantan, Philippine, and Malaysia. Also known as Yellow Balau, this is one wood of Indonesia’s mainstays. With its distinct color of brownish-yellow, not only it brings natural ambiance to your home but also charms the surrounding view.

Why Bengkirai Wood?

There are other reasons why Bengkirai wood has good values. The wood has a high level of solidity that results in high durability. The strong, solid construction may seem in smooth or slightly rough textures. It weighs even heavier than the popular teak wood. Another value of Bengkirai is it is easy to fix when cracks. Woods are prone to cracks. If this happens to your Bengkirai decking, a putty or wood filler will work just fine to fill the crevices.

Having similar quality as the teak wood, bengkirai is easier to process. Bengkirai has the characteristics of wood that is easy to shave and sculpted. Cutting is also less complicated so it becomes craftsmen’s favorite wood to process. Besides decking, craftsmen likewise create chairs, tables, and other outdoor furniture from bengkirai.

Bengkirai For Decking

Bengkirai wood is mostly chosen for outdoor decorations. Not only decking, but this wood is also largely used for roof houses, and fences due to the high quality of durability. The level of its durability is said to be equal with teak wood. However, the durability level is affected by some factors, mainly the age of the wood. Well-known to be resistant to even bad weather, the yellow balau is also largely used for bridges, railways, and other heavy constructions.

Bengkirai decking can beautify outdoor areas such as parks and swimming pools. The brownish-yellow tone makes your space aesthetic, natural, yet casual. Bengkirai decking is easily found in various sizes and competitive prices. For those who are in budget, bengkirai decking is a perfect solution since it is as qualified as the teak wood but the price is way cheaper. You can still create your dream decoration without spending extra money.

If you are now working on a natural concept for living, bengkirai is a perfect option. With all the quality yet competitive prices, bengkirai will help you to create your dream decoration even though you are in a budget. Additionally, trusted sellers are easy to find. Their product details can even be seen online. Go get yours and own that charming outdoor area in no time.