Get Your Beautiful Spaces With Woodworking Products

Sleek modern look with the domination of neutral palettes is no popular among houses, offices, and other landscapes. This type of decoration is now in fashion yet simple to be applied in your spaces. However, we can still add a touch of playfulness by applying personal elements to make the spaces more ambient. If you are the type of adventurous person that likes to spend time around nature, wood elements may be just perfect for your decoration. The wood installations generally get along with any decoration styles. Do you not know how to start? First of all, let us overview some popular products of woodworking to find out which one is best to decorate your spaces.

What Is Woodworking?

Before going through examples of the works, you may want to learn what woodworking is. It is an activity to create items from woods. Some of the noted lumber that is greatly used for woodworking are oak, maple, beech, walnut, Merbau, teak, and yellow balau. Each lumbar has the characteristic that makes it distinct from the others.

How To Choose The Right Woodworking Products?

From the appearances, lumber has distinctive characteristics. Those may confuse you to choose as they all seem beautiful and charming outside. However, you have to learn about the durability, solidity, and its endurance over termites and bad weather. Also, you have to consider maintenance. Some wood is also suitable for painting where the process will not reduce beauty. Particular woods are easier for woodworking than the others so they become the woodworkers’ favorites. Reliable producers set a high standard in their woodworking. Each of their product has been through phases before it becomes yours.

After sorting out your favorable specification, find out the one with a competitive price, especially if you are in a budget. Certain wood products are sold at lower prices while the quality is similar to expensive ones.

Woodworking Items For Your Decoration 

Time to shop already? Here are some items you can apply around your spaces;

  1. Wood Flooring.

Flooring not only beautifies your places but also brings a natural, soothing ambiance. Sellers offer these flooring in various sizes, depends on the space width. There are standard and jumbo sizes with an adjusted thickness which are around 1.5 to 2 centimeters. Merbau is greatly used for flooring as it has a high quality of durability, endurance, and natural appearance.

  1. Wood Decking.

It is a type of flooring which function is to cover a surface. Wood decking is popularly known to be used for outdoor spaces such as pools and parks. One of the noted wood deckings is Yellow Balau (Bangkirai Wood). This wood has high durability and endurance over bugs and extreme weather. Hence, it is suitable for outdoor decoration.

  1. Furniture

Flooring and decking, woods are also profoundly worked for furniture, gates, as well as fences. Make sure you buy the products from trusted sellers. Double-check the joint, shape, and finishing touches. Also, gain as much information as you can before purchasing a product.

Flooring Merbau

Wood materials are one of the most sought materials in building constructions. In this busy, modern-day, natural materials bring soothing, relaxing effects that are suitable to release tension. Therefore, no wonder if wood materials become essential parts of decoration from time to time. Wood flooring is one of the decoration applications to beautify your spaces with natural ambiance. When it comes to wood flooring, there are several selections you may want to learn before choosing the right one. Merbau Wood: An Overviews Merbau commonly grows in tropical areas, specifically rain forests. Papua is one of the most noted producers of Merbau. The wood has straight fiber. It is known for its high level of durability. The colors of the woods vary based on the types. Terrace woods look brownish-gray, brownish-yellow, to reddish-brown. Meanwhile, the colors of the sapwood are light yellow. Solid and durable, Merbau is classified into class I-II. It is also noted to withstand against bugs. The woods decently grow in moist grounds, swamps, and riverbanks. Another value of Merbau wood is it has less risk of crevices and shrinkage. Therefore, those make Merbau becomes one of the most popular wood materials in building constructions such as decking and flooring. Merbau Flooring Merbau flooring is profoundly used among other wood flooring selections. The flooring is available in various sizes with adjusted thickness. Generally, producers sell Merbau in standard and jumbo sizes. The floorings measure 9 to 14 centimeters of width with averagely 1,5 to 2 centimeters of thickness. Along with teak wood, Merbau is proven to be the most termite-resistant. Moreover, it also withstands bad weather. Because of this resistance, Merbau floorings are suitable to be applied in both indoor and outdoor areas. Merbau flooring is not only customers’ favorites but also craftsmen. it is because the flooring is easy to cut, shaped, and easy to fix if broken. Why Merbau Flooring? Selections of fine-looking wood, flooring may confuse you. Additional details about Merbau flooring will help you to decide which flooring meet your requirements the most. High level of solidity and durability are not the only values you will find on Merbau flooring. Their natural looks are beautiful. The woods have a yellow substance that is similar to dust. The substance results in golden luster. You will also find the woods look oily. It makes the natural, attractive shine lasts long. This distinctive look makes the wood effortlessly beautiful and timeless. If you prefer a modern look, don’t worry. Merbau flooring can also be applied with various finishing such as paint and polish. It will still look good without losing its natural charm. To maintain the flooring, you just have to cover them with a pad if space happens to be heavily passed by people wearing shoes. If there is a pet around, scratches can be avoided by trimming the nails. If you think Merbau is the best option for your space decoration, go find it immediately from trusted sellers. Still, confused about where to go? Minimize the hassle by searching online for the products you need.

Bengkirai Decking For A Natural Aesthetics Decoration

Wood is one of the most sought materials in building constructions. Its natural characteristics and aesthetical appearance bring a certain ambiance in houses, offices, eateries, and many other landscapes. Wood decking is one option in applying wood materials to your decoration. Decking is a floor that covers stuff and is used mainly for outdoor areas such as parks and pools.

What Is Bengkirai?

Bengkirai is one type of wood commonly used for making decking materials. This wood comes from tropical forests around Indonesia’s Kalimantan, Philippine, and Malaysia. Also known as Yellow Balau, this is one wood of Indonesia’s mainstays. With its distinct color of brownish-yellow, not only it brings natural ambiance to your home but also charms the surrounding view.

Why Bengkirai Wood?

There are other reasons why Bengkirai wood has good values. The wood has a high level of solidity that results in high durability. The strong, solid construction may seem in smooth or slightly rough textures. It weighs even heavier than the popular teak wood. Another value of Bengkirai is it is easy to fix when cracks. Woods are prone to cracks. If this happens to your Bengkirai decking, a putty or wood filler will work just fine to fill the crevices.

Having similar quality as the teak wood, bengkirai is easier to process. Bengkirai has the characteristics of wood that is easy to shave and sculpted. Cutting is also less complicated so it becomes craftsmen’s favorite wood to process. Besides decking, craftsmen likewise create chairs, tables, and other outdoor furniture from bengkirai.

Bengkirai For Decking

Bengkirai wood is mostly chosen for outdoor decorations. Not only decking, but this wood is also largely used for roof houses, and fences due to the high quality of durability. The level of its durability is said to be equal with teak wood. However, the durability level is affected by some factors, mainly the age of the wood. Well-known to be resistant to even bad weather, the yellow balau is also largely used for bridges, railways, and other heavy constructions.

Bengkirai decking can beautify outdoor areas such as parks and swimming pools. The brownish-yellow tone makes your space aesthetic, natural, yet casual. Bengkirai decking is easily found in various sizes and competitive prices. For those who are in budget, bengkirai decking is a perfect solution since it is as qualified as the teak wood but the price is way cheaper. You can still create your dream decoration without spending extra money.

If you are now working on a natural concept for living, bengkirai is a perfect option. With all the quality yet competitive prices, bengkirai will help you to create your dream decoration even though you are in a budget. Additionally, trusted sellers are easy to find. Their product details can even be seen online. Go get yours and own that charming outdoor area in no time.

Wood Processing: An Overview

In this modern era, woodworking still draws a high interest. Actually, how are your favorite wood products processed? Wood processing is an activity to converse trees into products that are useful for daily lives. Main some of the main products from the forest around the world are lumber, oak, walnut, maple, and ash. The main products processed from trees consist of
furniture, constructions, and paper supplies. The materials of these consumer products come from cut down wood trees.

As a result, wood Product producers have to accommodate reforestation to keep the forest green. The wood used for the woodworking process must have a certificate because we also have to take part in protecting the environment. As environmental issues are becoming more important these days, wood processing should not harm the environment and society.
Regarding this matter, the company must comply with the Environment in the competition area.

Steps In Wood Processing

In processing wood trees, there are steps conducted before they are ready for production. These are big pictures of wood processing after the producers harvest the woods from naturally done trees.


At this stage, logs will be cut down and divided into desirable sizes. This is known as the basics of the woodworking process and the wood result is still rough.

Drying Or Kiln-Dry Process

As wood trees come from living plants, the cut-down woods may have cracks, uneven surfaces, and a high level of water. Finely dried woods will result in perfect products that are strong and stable in shape and construction. Therefore, it is important to keep the water content inside the
wood at 8 to 12%. Inappropriate levels of water will later damage the end products. Also, it will make woods prone to termites and molds. Wood mills conduct this kiln dry in a special room with certain instructions so that the water can naturally come out of the woods.


The construction process includes component shaping, drilling, and attachment of each wood construction. The process can be conducted manually or with machines. It is said that more than 50% of machine work in the construction will make a good quality product.


Assembly is important to determine the quality of the end product. This should be done carefully to assure that every detail of the component is connected properly. A proper connection will make a high-quality product.

Finishing Process

The last step is finishing the process so that the wood product looks aesthetically pleasing. This process will change the previous appearance, the resulting color and texture will look different.
Wood products may need finishing processes more than once or until they truly meet customer requirements.

Those were general descriptions in processing woods. To create good quality products, fine raw materials, as well as proper processing phases, all these phases must be carried out by skillful people.


Job responsibilities :

  • Create and design work drawings for the production process to match customer designs
  • Make furniture designs that are currently in
  • Make 3D visual images
  • Doing work related to Drafter’s position
  • Oversee the production process to match the work drawings

Experience Requirements:

At least 1 year of work experience in the related field is required for this position


  1. Mastering Sketchup, AutoCAD (2D / 3D), Vray, Lumion, Corel Draw, Photoshop
  2. Mastering the preferred Solidwork


  • Candidates must have at least a minimum of Vocational Building Engineering, Diploma / S1 in Architecture / Interior Design.
  • At least have a minimum of 1-year experience as a drafter.
  • Can operate Sketchup, AutoCAD (2D or 3D), Vray, Lumion, Corel Draw, Photoshop.
  • Responsibility and have a Soul Leadership.
  • Good communication skills.
  • It has high creativity and innovation.
  • Be honest, creative, have a high initiative, and can work under pressure.
  • Active in English both verbally and in writing.

Please send your Complete Application & Latest Photos send to HRD-RECRUITMENT OF CV JAYA ABADI PERKASA or send via POS at office (* Write the desired position in the upper right corner of the application envelope).

Jalan Semarang-Demak KM.7 No.309, Trimulyo
Kecamatan Genuk. Kota Semarang


Marketing Executive


  • Candidate must process at least Bachelor in any field, fresh graduate welcome
  • Required language(s) : English, Bahasa Indonesia
  • At least 1 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position
  • Ability to drive (have SIM C/A)
  • Preferred experience in the sale of wood or related industrial segments



  • Get New Prospective Buyers
  • Increase Product Sales
  • Increase Repeat Order
  • Establish Good Relations Widely



  • Interpersonal communication & Public Speaking
  • Detail-oriented
  • Careful and have analytical skills
  • Creative and innovative
  • Persuasive and negotiative
  • Technology-savvy
  • Able to work in a team
  • Able to work under pressure & deadlines


Please send your Complete Application & Latest Photos

via Email  :

or send via POS at office

(* Write the desired code / position in the upper right corner of the application envelope)

Jalan Semarang-Demak KM.7 No.309, Trimulyo
Kecamatan Genuk. Kota Semarang


Care and Benefits of Decking

Decking is one of the new trends in the world of architecture. Decking is an alternative for those of you who don’t want to give a hard terrace such as closing using cement or closing your yard using paving. This alternative turned out to have very many benefits, so what are the benefits? The following is a review.

Benefits of providing decking on your home

Decking has many benefits for your family. The main benefit of using decking is important to make the child’s main room more spacious. Not just for playing, with the decking floor, you can also use it for other family activities such as dinner, making time with family or just for fun.

In addition to these benefits, decking has other benefits for your home. When you use decking, access to your home will be easier. The addition of decking on the outside of your home will help improve the appearance of the outside of your home.

Addition outside the room will make the house look warmer and also more comfortable for homes in tropical countries in Indonesia, adding decking made of wood will be more attractive and look right.. And if your home page is still large, then you can add a garden in the yard which will certainly look even more harmonious with the appearance of your wooden decking.

Taking Care of decking

When you already have decking in your home, you need to take care of your decking. Care is taken to prevent decking from damage or also dirt such as dust which will ultimately damage the function and appearance of your decking. Then how to take care of decking in your home? The following is a review.

  • Give your decking paint

One of the maintenance measures the decking in your home is to coat your decking using paint. Several types of paint that can be used to polish your decking is deck stain and also decking oil.

Deck stain paint has the advantage of many types of colors that can be used. It also can give you the flexibility to build the mood and adjust it to the exterior of your home. As for deck stain, it has the advantage of protection. In addition to providing color, the formula of deck stain can also help you to protect your decking from stains.

The second type is decking oil. This type of dye has many advantages is being able to enter your decking pores, this type of dye also provides a waterproof effect on your decking. This will make your decking more durable.

  • Cleaning decking at the right time

In addition to coloring your decking, manage your decking promptly. Cleaned your decking at least 2 times before the rainy season arrives and also before the summer arrives. Take care and cleaning of the decking is done to prepare to the deck to deal with extreme weather changes.

Cleaning decking, a brush, soap, and water will be needed. The method is very easy, just to brush the decking apply to soap and then rinse it thoroughly. The soap used is a special soap for decking. If it is clean, then clean the decking of the remaining soap using a water spray with sufficient strength.



We provide high quality Merbauwood Finger Joint laminated Boards with various grades and custom sizes for various final products, such as: staircase sets, kitchen counters, solid wood furniture, housing materials, custom-made products for interior usage, housing materials, and wood floorings.

Feel free to contact us with your thickness, dimension, and grade specifications.


Wood flooring is the product name for the floor of the type of solid wood or real wood, only those that differ in size. The width starts from 9 cm to 14 cm, while the thickness is proportional to the width of the wood which uses an average size of 1.5 cm, 1.8 cm and 2 cm.

Many wood floors are approved from various types of wood, translated as teak, merbau wood, sonokeling wood, and other types. However, the most desirable people are teak and merbau wood, because the wood has been tested more often than most are never eaten by termites.



Decking is a floor covering material commonly used for outdoor or outdoor spaces. Decking made from solid wood or called wood decking. Wood materials that are usually used for decking must be hard and weather resistant wood types, not easily weathered, not easily twisted, and also resistant to water and heat. Therefore, selected several types of wood classified as hard, namely:

– Ulin Wood, (Wood origin from Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatra)
– Bengkirai Wood, (Wood origin from Kalimantan)
– Merbau Wood. (Wood origin from Papua)