Care and Benefits of Decking

Decking is one of the new trends in the world of architecture. Decking is an alternative for those of you who don’t want to give a hard terrace such as closing using cement or closing your yard using paving. This alternative turned out to have very many benefits, so what are the benefits? The following is a review.

Benefits of providing decking on your home

Decking has many benefits for your family. The main benefit of using decking is important to make the child’s main room more spacious. Not just for playing, with the decking floor, you can also use it for other family activities such as dinner, making time with family or just for fun.

In addition to these benefits, decking has other benefits for your home. When you use decking, access to your home will be easier. The addition of decking on the outside of your home will help improve the appearance of the outside of your home.

Addition outside the room will make the house look warmer and also more comfortable for homes in tropical countries in Indonesia, adding decking made of wood will be more attractive and look right.. And if your home page is still large, then you can add a garden in the yard which will certainly look even more harmonious with the appearance of your wooden decking.

Taking Care of decking

When you already have decking in your home, you need to take care of your decking. Care is taken to prevent decking from damage or also dirt such as dust which will ultimately damage the function and appearance of your decking. Then how to take care of decking in your home? The following is a review.

  • Give your decking paint

One of the maintenance measures the decking in your home is to coat your decking using paint. Several types of paint that can be used to polish your decking is deck stain and also decking oil.

Deck stain paint has the advantage of many types of colors that can be used. It also can give you the flexibility to build the mood and adjust it to the exterior of your home. As for deck stain, it has the advantage of protection. In addition to providing color, the formula of deck stain can also help you to protect your decking from stains.

The second type is decking oil. This type of dye has many advantages is being able to enter your decking pores, this type of dye also provides a waterproof effect on your decking. This will make your decking more durable.

  • Cleaning decking at the right time

In addition to coloring your decking, manage your decking promptly. Cleaned your decking at least 2 times before the rainy season arrives and also before the summer arrives. Take care and cleaning of the decking is done to prepare to the deck to deal with extreme weather changes.

Cleaning decking, a brush, soap, and water will be needed. The method is very easy, just to brush the decking apply to soap and then rinse it thoroughly. The soap used is a special soap for decking. If it is clean, then clean the decking of the remaining soap using a water spray with sufficient strength.