The Elegant Chair ready Completes Your Day

An elegance dining chair, designed and manufactured by JAP – Semarang, crafted with high quality of raw material. This dining chair is named after its main signature: elegance. We offer you an excellent handmade French furniture. The perfect combination between the stripe motive and its wood represents contemporary and neo-classical impression.

This chair can take center stage in your dining room perfectly pairing with its dining room table. They successfully create a luxurious, modern, and elegant atmosphere around. Let this fine furniture complete your home interior. It deserves to do so.

Not only can take center at your dining room, but this chair can be placed in other room as well. Suitable to make your room looked more chic and polish. The dining chair can be placed separately. You may want to put them in your guest room, then you can put two of dining chairs side by side and place a simple table between the chairs. So, you will have luxurious guest room.

If you have a restaurant, you can choose this wooden dining chair by JAP Semarang along with the dining table, that will make your restaurant extravagant. It is also able to attract customers since the chairs are comfortable to be sited on.

After all, the chair can do magic to your surrounding because it’s well designed. There are no doubt again for you to buy the Elegant dinning chair. Our offer will remain at it’s best. By buying this Elegant chair, you can also help to save our earth.

This chair is manufactured with high quality of wood. We guarantee your chair will stay sturdy and beautiful. The cushion is extremely tender. It has four sturdy legs that can holding back heavy load. It is completed with arm rest as well. This chair will keep you convenient since the first time sitting on it.

We run our business in ways keeping our environment safely. All of our products use cultivated wood coming from well plantation. VLK referring to FLEGT regulation becomes our certification standard.